I'm sorry Leictreon, I love you, just not like that

- Lettuce

Lettuce Miyaran
Vital statistics
Name Lettuce Miyaran
Gender Female
Race Rabitoid
Title Black Hand
Status Dead
Alias Fluffy (by Leictreon)
Walrus (by Rolvard)
Affiliation The Sisters of Justice
Leictreonids (formerly)
Place of Birth {{{place of birth}}}
Date of Birth {{{date of birth}}}
Spouse(s) Haverd Rolvard (formerly)
Parents Carol Miyaran, Janya Stavaler
Children Arthur Miyaran (brother)
Appearances {{{appearances}}}
Alignment Chaotic Good
Neutral Good (formerly)
Lawful Evil (as Rolvard's girlfriend)

Lettuce Coral Miyaran is one of the main protagonists of the saga.

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