You weren't suppossed to be here

- Rolvard

Haverd Lago Rolvard
Vital statistics
Name Haverd Lago Rolvard
Gender Male
Race Rabitoid
Title King of Zeralis
Great Priest of Yeth
Status Dead
Alias The Corrupter
Affiliation The Sons of Chaos
Heavenly Kingdom of Zeralis
Church of Yeth
Leictreonids (formerly)
Place of Birth Slàdi
Place of Death Zeralis
Date of Birth {{{date of birth}}}
Date of Death Sometime
Spouse(s) Lettuce Miyaran (formerly)
Parents Lago Rolvard, Irenska Pantallier
Children Lago Pantallier (cousin)
Neroli Rolvard (younger sister)
Appearances {{{appearances}}}
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Haverd Lago Rolvard Pantallier is the main antagonist of the saga. Son of Lago Rolvalrd and the infamous Irenska Pantallier, Rolvard was one of the founders of the Leictreonids, much to Leictreon's dismay. He joined the Leictreonids because his friend and crush Lettuce told him so. Leictreon was always jealous of their friendship because he also had a crush on Lettuce, but she eventually ended up as Rolvard's girlfriend. He eventually started to tease Leictreon and always try to piss him off. Leictreon's growing insanity started to worry Lettuce, and Rolvard eventually made her join him to ambush and betray him. Leictreon survived but became insane, starting the War on Slàdi. He eventually grew tired of Lettuce and made his friend Maffy attempt to kill her, but she survived. Rolvard then went to found the Church of Yeth.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Rolvard was born amidst the decaying marriage of Lago and Irenska Rolvard. A very troubled child due to his mother's own insanity, Rolvard had a very unhappy early childhood, always trying to protect his sister Neroli from Irenska's wrath. Althought his father wanted the best for him and tried his best to raise him, his mother always hated him and always managed to make Lago stay away from his son. Rolvard eventually stopped caring about good and embraced revenge and rancor. The monster was born.

Lago's death Edit

Haverd's cousin, Lago Pantallier, agreed to raise him after talking with a worried Lago Rolvard. But Irenska found out about it and, angry, killed her husband. That was a devastating blow for Haverd, as he truly cared about his father. He and Neroli fled Achellon for a while with their cousin, as he started to plan his revenge.

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